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Installing Viscosity
Download Viscosity from http://www.thesparklabs.com/downloads/Viscosity.dmg
Open the Viscosity.dmg file (usually located in your Downloads folder) by double-clicking it.
Installing Viscosity Step 1
Drag Viscosity to your Applications folder.
Installing Viscosity Step 2
Eject the Viscosity disk image.
Installing Viscosity Step 3
Running Viscosity For The First Time
Launch Viscosity from your Applications folder.
Installing Viscosity
Enter your username and password so Viscosity can configure itself and install any necessary components.
Installing Viscosity
Download ZIP-file with OpenVPN keys and configuration file from the member page.
Go to the Viscosity menu and select "Preferences…".The preferences window should appear.
Installing Viscosity
Make sure the "Connections" toolbar item is selected, and then click the "+" button in the bottom left hand corner of the window. Select "Import Connection" from the menu that appears.
Installing Viscosity
Select the connection bundle (.visc) or OpenVPN configuration file (.ovpn or .conf) contained in the download. Click the Open button.
Installing Viscosity
Click the OK button to confirm the connection has been imported. Your connection will now appear in the Viscosity menu.
Installing Viscosity
Repeat the above steps to import any more connections.
Connecting Your VPN Connection/s
Go to the Viscosity menu and select your connection.
Installing Viscosity
The menu icon will update to let you know when your new connection has connected.
To disconnect your connection when done, go to the Viscosity menu and select your connection again.
Installing Viscosity